LAESA, Ltd. WISHES TO SELL (42) General Motors - Electro Motive Division Generator Sets and the following equipment under the general terms and conditions as set forth.

1. All equipment is sold "As is, Where is" condition
2. Buyer is responsible for removing all equipment from locations as identified by Laesa, Ltd
3. All equipment is sold in one lot; Partial purchases will not be accepted
4. Laesa, Ltd. will assist buyer with proper documentation for the removal; of said equipment from the country of the Dominican Republic
5. Laesa, Ltd. will assist buyer in the removal of said equipment by preparing the equipment for removal, this shall be limited to the removal of electrical connections, disconnecting remote radiators and removal of external exhaust systems.
6. Buyer shall be responsible for all transportation costs
7. Buyer shall be responsible for providing suitable containers and packaging for all spare parts, cores and machine shop
8. Buyer shall transfer funds to Laesa, Ltd's account prior to any removal or work on said equipment - in U.S. Dollars
9. Laesa, Ltd shall furnish houses for all units
10. Weights and Dimensions shall be provided upon request
11. Sub-station equipment from (6) different sites may be offered with this sale at a small additional charge, including transformer, oil circuit breakers and protective relaying

Equipment List

(12) 20-645-E3 skid mounted engines 900 RPM
(1)  20-645-E4 skid mounted engine 900 RPM
(6)  20-645-E4B skid mounted engines 900 RPM
(4) 16-567-D4    skid mounted engines 900 RPM
(1) 16-645-E3    skid mounted engine 900 RPM
(18) 12-645-E1   skid mounted, self contained units 750 RPM
(14) AB20 4160/2400-60Hz Generators
(4) Baylor Stallion 4160/2400-60Hz Generators
(16) Kato - 750 RPM Generators 4160/2400-60Hz
(1) Lot NEW spare parts, including: Pistons, Ring sets, all bearings, Injectors, valves, pumps and gasket sets
(1) Lot Used cores, including: Turbo chargers, Cylinder heads, Liners, Pistons and thousands of Misc. parts
(1) Lot New AB20 windings for stator (3 sets available)
(4) Core AB20 generator housings
(3) Reconditioned 16 cylinder crankshafts
(4) Reconditioned 20 cylinder crankshafts
(2) 5 unit 4160 Switchgear system - Housed Allis Chalmers Air breakers
(1) 8 unit Powell switchgear system = AC air breakers with new SEL 300G relays
(1) 5 unit switchgear system - AC air breakers - House in bad condition
(13) Young remote mount radiators 40 and 50 HP Motors 480VAC

Please submit your best offer
Contact: Dr Scott Cramton at
829-451-2689 Cell or 809-584-5925 Office
12 Cylinder Photos
20-645-E4B Photos
20-645-E3 Photos
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